When I'm not designing, I'm usually outside exploring. This is Joshua Tree National Park.
I started TerraGraphica in 1998 in Anchorage, Alaska. Since then I have helped clients in Alaska and several western states with hundreds of design projects in many categories – brochures, books, displays, banners, logos, branding, websites, infographics, illustration, presentations, and even some simple animation and video editing. 
The creative process can be fun and interesting, but also intimidating and challenging. Good communication skills are important at all stages. A key part of my job is to guide the client through this process with patience and persistence. I believe a successful design project is one that achieves a specific set of client objectives. A happy, satisfied client at the conclusion of a project means a lot more to me than design awards.
Sample Client List – Past and Present
• Alaska Aerospace Corporation
• Alaska Geographic
• Alaska Municipal League
• Alaska Ocean Observation System
• Audubon Alaska
• Alaska Sea Otter and Steller Sea Lion Commission
• Audubon Washington
• Blue Collar Doghouse
• Bristol Bay Fishermans Association
• Institute of the North
• Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
• Moss Landing Marine Labs
• NANA Development Corporation
• National Park Service
• Northern Alaska Tour Company
• North Pacific Research Board
• Pt. Pinos Lighthouse
• State of Alaska
• The Nature Conservancy
• Transboundary Ecologic
• U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
• World Wildlife Fund
• WHPacific

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